Monday, January 31, 2011

Bachelor Coverage / Checking In With Style Scout

Hopefully the impending Class 3 Kill Storm doesn't knock out Larryville's electricity before tonight's episode of The Bachelor, because it promises to be a good one, in which Brad and the gals compete in "Nascar time-trials."

Chip: "Former Quinton's waitresses AND Nascar? Gentlemen, start your boners!"

Watch Lisa while you can, readers, because our sources suggest that her days are numbered on the show.


A recent commenter bemoaned the lack of Style Scout coverage in recent weeks, so we're happy to oblige. Last week's subject, Jen Beck, works at Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop, dislikes "stocking caps designed to look like animals," and would like to see fewer "creepers" in town. Also, people say that Jen looks like "that Pomplamoose chick."

Chip: "Admittedly, I do sometimes gape at her through the windows at Sunflower while wearing a stocking cap designed to look like a duck, but I didn't realize I was being 'creepy.'"

We wonder what Jen thinks of the "creepers" who are discussing her on the LJ-World talkbacks, such as Kontum1972, who says: "yep,... you are pretty sweet and Drop-Dead Gorgeous...!"

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Anonymous said...

Pamplamoose sucks. And its 'pamplemousse' anyways. It's a fucking grapefruit, no talent assclowns.