Friday, January 21, 2011

Scenester Picks / Weekend Box Office

Aside from supporting a future community radio station, scenesters will probably want to attend the cassette-release party by Living Ghost at the Jackpot tonight. We've never heard of Living Ghost, but anything released on cassette is hip and we want it. And Saturday brings Rooftop Vigilantes to the Jackpot, opening for the Dead Girls. Make sure to ask the Girls about opening for KISS at the Sprint Center. They don't get tired of talking about it. Would you?


Just when our Black Swan-boners were finally starting to subside, along comes Natalie Portman in a movie about a woman who likes to fuck a lot, non-romantically. It's original title was The Fuck Buddies, but it's been watered down for the masses as No Strings Attached, which sounds like a cookie-cutter rom-com and probably is, but should we shell out for the Portman-sex? Let's take a look at this excerpt from the AV Club's review:

"The film tantalizes its protagonists with the joys of sexual freedom for four or five montage-heavy minutes, then spends the rest of its runtime showing the loneliness and disappointment awaiting anyone not on their way to pairing off and chasing a happily ever after ending with the perfect someone."

Chip: "I'm going to duck out after that montage and slide into the auditorium next door in time to watch the Portman/Kunis scene of Black Swan again, and then I'm going to duck out and slip into Yogi Bear, because I enjoy films with 3D bears. "

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Concerned Blog Fan said...

I hope the weekend recap will mention the obsessive and myopic focus of KU hoops fans following our loss (as seen in the instantaneous need to blame someone--Morningstar--for the loss); for the latent denial that ensued (various articles focusing not on the game, but on the personal affairs of TRob and other avenues of complete detachment) and otherwise ambivalent avoidance of the subject (LJWorld has written a grand total of 5 paragraphs on the actual game. Right after the game its staff could muster no more than a few brief sentences).

Get the fuck over it, KU fans. We were never invincible and the entitlement with which we conduct ourselves as fans is utterly ridiculous considering we have experienced droughts of 36 and 20 years between our championships (1922 and 23 were awarded post hoc--there was no national championship in those days). And regardless, a home game winning streak was snapped in '88 en route to a title. Stop claiming the sky is falling, Chicken-Little-Hawks!