Monday, January 17, 2011

Bachelor Coverage / Larryville Community Radio?

Episode 3 of The Bachelor airs tonight and our former Quinton's waitress, Lisa Morrissey, is still hanging around (though not getting much airtime). Tonight's episode promises a "rooftop pool party," so the boys are at least hoping for some bikini shots.

Here's a photo of Lisa chatting with Brad.

Chip: "Look at that hand-covering move. That's classic Lisa!"


Sure, Larryville scenesters already have a local radio station, KJHK, which meets their scenester needs, such as "Breakfast for Beat Lovers" and "Mixtape Moonride." But the community at large is now poised to get its own community radio station, KAWR, which hopes to be broadcasting out of the Americana Music Academy on Mass. Street by June of next year:

"If somebody is 90 years old and they want to do an opera show, this is their chance to do it," [KAWR board member] Barry Lee says. "That's what's good about community radio — literally anybody can do it." (Pitchweekly).

We're certainly looking forward to a chance at bringing the Larryville Chronicles to the airwaves, complete with hiliarious "BOINGG!!" noises every time Chip gets a boner (which is often).

Fundraising begins in earnest this weekend with an event at Liberty Hall which features an early and late show of local acts. The late show includes scenester-approved acts such as The Felt Show (our second favorite, or maybe third, local puppet act) and The Spook Lights, as well as the Late Night Callers, a Larryville band making its official hometown debut after already establishing itself as a major KC scenester presence (they "occupy the electro-noir genre: a sexy blend of synths, reverb-heavy guitars and dancing bass riffs behind lusty female vocals."--Pitch).

You'll probably want to attend.


Cap'n D.E.N.N.I.S. said...

"Which one is that? [that one}. That's a laser. Yeah. I like that one. I am going to pepper that one in. Don't do it while I'm talking.". The Cap'n loves his radio buttons.

Anonymous said...

excellent tips said...

Thanks, Anonymous! We'll share that important info with all the other Lisa/Quinton's supporters.

And thanks, Captain, for always brining the Sunny quotes!

The Weirdos said...

Did you mean the Spook Lights or the Cramps? I get the two confused sometimes?