Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Week in Local News: A Strip Club Controversy

Zach Snyder, owner of North Larryville's Paradise Saloon, is hoping to expand his booby-empire to Jefferson County, just outside Meriden city limits, but the plan is being strongly opposed by residents who fear the club will be too close to two schools and a day care.

Richard: "No one is considering the needs of the strippers here. Imagine how convenient it would be for them to drop off their kids at that daycare on the way to a noon shift."

Chip: "The larger issue is getting lost. We need more strip clubs within Larryville's city limits. Let's keep that booby-money close to home. Why not pass an ordinance that allows for a nice downtown gentleman's club? As is, it's too dangerous to travel to North Larryville and too much of a hassle to board the Booby Bus and head way out to the Outhouse and their twenty-dollar cover. Perhaps a downtown gentleman's club could hire some hipster strippers and win over the demographic that normally prefers bands to boobs?"

The story made us wonder how business is going at the Paradise Saloon these days. Let's look at this review on Yelp from a former dancer:

"...they have employed undercover "customers" that go around and make sure that dancers don't charge any more than $10 per dance, which is fucking ridiculous because that $10 5 minute long dance is worth $40 in LA!...when I went back, it seemed like every girl had gained 10lbs, so I'd say the quality of the dances has gotten far worse in the past couple of months."

We're a little intrigued by this "undercover" employment opportunity, so perhaps you'll see us working there the next time you visit.

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