Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lisa Exits the Bachelor / Naughty Local Website of the Week

For those who have been following the high drama of a former Quinton's waitress on The Bachelor, we are sad to report that Brad dismissed her on last evening's episode. Big mistake, Brad. The interweb offers this snarky comment:

"Time is up for Lisa (who?)."

But don't worry, Lisa. You may not have made a big impression on snarky reality-TV reviewers, but Chip remembers every beer you served him at Q's.


It's almost too cold for boner jokes during a blizzard, but we'll offer a few anyway. Remember our local buddies over at Geekbauchery, who started a site last year to explore the intersection between adult entertainment and geek culture. Well, recently they changed their name to the wonderfully clever Bits and Ass and have begun to offer even naughtier entertainment for your reading/viewing pleasure. Their goal: to "bring you all the latest technology news along with smokin' pieces of ass."

If you enjoy such things, check them out at www.bitsandass.com

Perhaps our favorite aspect of their site is the blog featuring guest columns with titles such as "My Big Tits," a powerful tale of a woman coming to terms with her titular (get it!) breasts: "Yeah. I have big tits. What the fuck is the big deal?!"

Personally, we think it's as powerful a coming-of-age tale as exists in our literature (and we also enjoy guessing which local women may have submitted it).

Rumor has it that Chip himself is working on a guest piece about his ten most memorable boners, one of which occurred during last week's episode of Skins, when the lesbian character, Tea, was masturbating to a picture of Audrey Hepburn.

Chip: "It was just a wonderfully universal moment, you know. I think it's safe to say we've all rubbed one out to a picture of Audrey Hepburn at one time or another."

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