Monday, February 1, 2010

Recent Concert Reviews / The Boys' Book Club is Back

Less hip than he used to be, Richard skipped the Pitchfork-approved AA Bondy concert at the Jackpot this past Friday. Luckily, KC's Pitchweekly had a correspondent on hand to review the affair. The review is quite positive on the whole, even while beginning with this statement:

"Bondy's lyrics and stage banter from the Jackpot's stage were almost unintelligible."

Richard: "I think this comment on the Jackpot's sound pretty much goes without saying. Must be a new reviewer."

The piece also offers this interesting description of Bondy's work:

"Bondy's songwriting pinpointed the sound of coming down from a bender in a rural Midwestern town."

Chip: "Why not just say that he sounded like someone throwing up?"

The boys love books about cats, such as Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World (a major recent bestseller), and they are very excited about this week's release of Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat. (almost certain to be a huge bestseller).

You've likely heard of Oscar, who was the subject of a controversial piece in the New England Journal of Medicine due to his ability to predict the imminent death of nursing home patients and even awarded a plaque for his distinguished service.

Chip: "That death-cat shares the shit out of me, but I will certainly read his extraordinary tale."

The book hits shelves tomorrow.


scary-ass kitty! said...

Sounds like there's some demented Hunter Thompson narrative running through I just can't seem to put my finger on...the horrible descent from a complete bender in some dustbowl-stricken Leave it to Beaver backlot, a cat silently perching itself on the front porches of the soon-to-decease, the fog fleeing as death pads in on little cat feet, a modern-day Mafdet licking her paws as you peer out the dust-filled drapes, withdrawal gripping you with the paranoia only the need for a trunk-full of drugs and a Death Cat can bring.

5 cats resembling Wilford Brimley said...

Check this shit out!

"where's my damn diabetuz medicine?!" said...

That might be the greatest link ever...that first cat is a dead ringer. I wonder if it does angry infomercials in the cat world about getting your "diabe-tuz" medicine through the mail?

WB just hasn't been the same since they canceled Our House, The Firm and Cocoon notwithstanding.