Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The LC's Super Bowl Coverage Begins! / Geek Pick of the Day: Lost (Final Season Premiere!)

Like all true Americans, the boys love everything about the Super Bowl, from the eleven hour pre-show to the halftime spectacle (featuring a performance by The Who!) to the ads. (as for the game itself: not so much).

This year's ads (and rejected ads) are creating quite a scandal long before they even air (or don't air). The one getting the most press is, of course, the one sponsored by Focus for Family featuring Tim Tebow and his mom Pam, who recounts her decision to ignore doctors' recommendations to get an abortion due to an illness she had contracted abroad.

Chip: "In Forttt Scottt we are more excited about this Super Bowl ad than we have been about any Super Bowl ad since the Budweiser frogs. Those frogs were fucking funny."

Richard: "It sounds like a powerful spot, to be sure, and will no doubt lead to many women making dangerous decisions in the hope that their babies will be a lot like Tim Tebow."

But let's talk about the ad that you will not be seeing during the Super Bowl (CBS rejected its bid). It's a spot for a gay dating site called ManCrunch ("Where many many many men come out to play") in which two men accidentally brush hands in a potato chip bowl, leading to an inoffensively comical make-out session in front of another (skeptical) friend.

Chip: "Look, it's a good ad, surprisingly tender, but the networks' rejection is simply a business decision. Gay men don't watch the Super Bowl. I think Masterpiece Theater is on at that time and would be a more logical location for product placement."

You can see the Mancrunch ad here:



For geeks, today is a day of rejoicing: the premiere of Lost's final season is only a few hours away.

Lawrence.com offers a nice profile of some local geeks who are planning a major party for tonight:

"...they'll be video conferencing this year's premiere with one of their watch-party friends who's since left Lawrence. Food and drink will be provided - all "Lost"-related, of course. "We'll have mangoes and wild boar, and the beer will all be Dharma beer."

And the piece would not be complete without a comment from local Astro Kitty comic book store owner Joel, who gets the final quote of the article:

"If they don't pull off a really awesome ending, it's going to really suck."

Richard: "Joel is right, and nicely succinct, but let's see what the more long-winded fanboys at AICN have to say."

Oliver Hague says: "It's not like [these] two hacks [Lost creators] invented flash-forwards or anything... Besides, I've seen far bolder storytelling in a bunch of Japanese animated series (just try the "When They Cry" series for size... now, that's complex)... I really wish people would stop celebrating this goddamn series already... It's terribly written ("let's throw in invisible monsters, mysterious whispers, strange metallic structures, ghosts, etc to troll a bunch of viewers!)."

gomez33 says: "Oliver Hague, you are a prize cock. just re-watched the entire show and there are very few actual plot holes, the continuity is actually quite astounding considering the complexity of some of the story lines. The damn thing hasn't even finished yet but in your amazingly arrogantly warped brain you seem to think you know the ending. You are a typical pessimistic prick...".

Enjoy the show, everyone! (except for you, Hague, you prize cock!).


ends and beginnings...some deep shit said...

I predict Lost will end with Pam waking up next to Bob Newhart, only to find Bobby in the shower, the whole thing just a dream. Crazy.

Capt. Chanute said...

Dude, I hope it ends that way. Dallas never got the credit for the profundity of its writing team and that would be a picture perfect way of giving Dallas the reck it deserves. Second, I think today's blog had incredible continuity to boot, in light of this dialogue. It appears that the two Lost bloggers were about to jump each other's bone(r)s upon the completion of their squabble. I mean, who calls someone a Prize Cock in the midst of a very informal and certainly impersonal blog war without having some desire to see the Prize? I'm almost positive those two dipshits in the commercial were Hague and the other guy. And in a sense I'm glad that Lost brought together two loving lads. I bet they even met on ManCruncher.com when they both starting blogging endlessly about Lost...

st. elsewhere said...

Obviously, the entirety of Lost is the fantasy of a retarded child staring into a snow globe!

(but I'm hoping for a Sopranos' style fuck-you-all blackout!).

resolution schmesolution! said...

"Don't stop!" I loved that ending.

Ashley said...

Oliver should be shot and dragged through the streets of Other-ville for such a clearly ignorant world view. Sick him, Locke! Hell, I may have to rethink naming my unborn child Oliver now.

foghorn leghorn! said...

Ashley - maybe you could name him "prize cock"? Could go a long way with the ladies!