Monday, February 15, 2010

A Special Erotic, Post-Valentine's Day Edition of "Is It Art, Or Isn't It!"

As important as it may well be, Larryville's art scene can occasionally get a little dull. Once you've seen Zaguar paste Reagan's head on a supermodel's body once, you sort of get the point (Chip: "There's a point?"). But the KC art scene seems to be thriving with exhibitions such as Ripe, a collection of "erotic art" at the Keyhole gallery.

Let's take a look at a few excerpts from the Pitch's article on the exhibition:

"...the richly varied line-work of Gear's aptly titled "Ink Drawing of a Vagina" and "Penis in a Vagina" have the immediacy and sensuality of Japanese calligraphy...".

Chip: "This sounds like the kind of stuff I drew on my parents' walls when I was a mischievous youngster of 11, although I suppose mine may have lacked the calligraphic sensuality of these pieces."

"The sensitivity of Hector Casanova's luminous drawing of a female torso, a composition of high contrasts and the interplay of light and shadow, is undercut by its title: "BOOBS!!"

Chip: "Obviously, with his emphatic title, Casanova is attempting to critique our culture's increasingly crude perceptions of female beauty, but did he intend for me to get a boner?"

And possibly our favorite excerpt:

"David Hu has produced abstractions based on the patterns of his girlfriend's Gap Body underwear. "Low Rise Hipster," a clever painting on paper, is a field of cool-green acrylic offsetting rows of paler green stripes. His series also includes "Low Rise Bikini," consisting of a pattern of white polka dots against a pink background."

Richard: "Typical hipster: he's only interested in his girlfriend's panties to the extent that it benefits his 'art.'"

Chip: "I'll bet hipster women wear boring panties."

"The face of the man in Kansas City artist Mary Ware's smart, funny series of untitled "bored cunnilingus" sketches is never visible. While he's occupied, his partner is distracted in one of the pieces by her Nintendo console; in others, she's attempting to cook or read... The pieces are simultaneously cerebral and earthy, witty and not without mystery. Is the dude in Ware's drawings just really bad at giving head? Is the woman's disinterest a reflection of the man's?."

Captain Chanute: "I would love to debate these profound questions with an artistic hipster chick...while playing Bioshock 2 and getting a blowjob."

And we leave you with this mysterious description (noted without comment):

"Jori Sackin's headless, fishnet-wearing cartoon women are accompanied by one serious-looking chicken."

And here is the piece "BOOBS!!"


Capt. Chanute said...

Hmmm. I'm baffled. I want to call this art. After having heard a background, it is clear that is the lowest form of art; yet, I want to give it a little extra support since it shows boobies and girls' peepees. This art treads a fine line. As soon as they let a gay man into the mix, I will discontinue my support for fear that all my high school buddies back in SE Kansas would think I'm "into dudes." In other words, no boner pictures allowed. However, if it's lesbian drawings and stuff, that is fine. And it allows for my argument to to remain unflawed and perfect regarding logic while not forcing me to ponder my own tenuous idea of sexuality. Show me a picture of a pair of tits and I'll show you my undying support. And a half-emptied PBR.

also baffled said...

Surely hipster women don't wear panties from the Gap?

I thought they thrifted their panties down at Wild Man Vintage.

wichita state! said...

Leave it to hipsters to ignore what's in the underwear in favor of abstracted fabric patters, then to find oral sex boring. Are they purposefully asexual, even when doing sexual things?

I find a well-timed pinky poke will get anyone's attention off of the Nintendo and on to what's happening to their genitalia!