Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Weekend in Local Art!

Readers, important things are happening in the local art scene. Hipster art-collective Asteroid Head Art Club has, prior to yesterday, been relegated to the hipster gallery Wonder Fair but last night they burst onto the mainstream art scene with an opening at the Lawrence Arts Center. The boys hope to visit the exhibition soon, but in the meantime we'll offer you this photo of an Asteroid Head hard at work in the studio (click to enlarge and see the boobies):

Wonder Fair, in the meantime, continues its fine work with an opening tonight called "Let Me Have More Than You Want To Give And I Will Give Back More Than You Want To Take."

Is the art as thought-provoking as the title? Let's take a look at one of the "installations" from the artist (and we'll buy a PBR for the reader who provides the most entertaining pseudo-academic analysis of this piece in our comments to enlarge and have fun):

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