Friday, February 26, 2010

"Is It Art, or Isn't It?" Considers "The Visible Vagina" Exhibition in New York!

If there's anything the boys love more than art, it's erotic art. We recently considered KC's exhibition called "Ripe," but a current exhibition in New York (through March 20) has the boys even more excited (Chip: "And by excited we do mean aroused.").

Let's take a look at some descriptions of the exhibition from, which we will present here without our usual vulgar commentary because the descriptions are amusing enough on their own:

"The most striking thing about the more than one hundred artworks is how few of them objectify women or suggest a salacious use of the imagery, other than as humorous or ironic commentary; the most egregious exception is Mark Kostabi’s large close-up of a vulva in the pallate of Las Vegas at night."

"Chuck Close’s Untitled Dauguerreotypes (2010), a diptych, is a loving study of what I assume to be the vulva of his beloved...".

"Each of the galleries includes an installation that visitors can enter. Allyson Mitchell’s wonderful and hilarious Hungry Purse; The Vagina Dentata in Late Capitalism at Nolan is a lair formed primarily of riotously-polychrome crochet of the sort recycled by Mike Kelly. The large clitoris above the entry is discretely shielded as one enters by a fringed g-string and the throne opposite is decorated with owls — Athena’s, no doubt. Pendant cages house chipmunks (squirrels?), one of which is visibly lactating."

"Close by is Maureen Connor’s wonderfully-deadpan video, Heads, from The Sixth Sense in which a woman’s thoughts are recorded on her forehead; as she puts on make up she fantasizes she’s Grace Kelly, then when she see’s a young Cary Grant and Paul Newman, she’s fingering her clitoris."

"Peter Saul’s drawing [pictured below], Relax Sonny, says it all concerning male anxiety about women’s bodies."

Is it art, or isn't it?

Richard: "I don't care much for Saul's drawing, but most of this is obviously art and I think the exhibit should allow some of these works, particularly the video about Grace Kelly, to be viewed in private booths as in an 'adult arcade.'"

Chip: "Lactating chipmunks are hilarious. Art."

Dr. C: "There is simply no way that I'm not going to New York for this exhibition."

Check out the article and some more pictures here:


zenyatta mondatta said...

I normally jump at the phrase "visible vagina", but the descriptions of the art left me, well, scratching my head (pun intended). First, I had to look up "vagina dentata" (and now wish I hadn't) and second, is the recycled crochet of Mike Kelly such a household artistic convention that it's now referenced in descriptions of other obscure art installations about teeth-filled pink gloves? I hope New York finds its way back to art exhibits which fully and joyfully return to objectifying women through a use of salacious imagery!

Mike Kelly's Recycled Crochet said...

That sounds like yet another hipster band name!