Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is It Art, or Is It...Graffiti? (Oread Hotel Edition) / Also: Fanboys Consider Lost 6.3

Larryville's new Oread Inn (which will "officially" open this Saturday) was welcomed with a bit of vandalism over the weekend. The words "SHOUT PEACE" were painted near the top of what the LJ-World terms "Lawrence's newest skyscraper" (what other skyscraper do we possess? Fraser Hall?). So, is it art, or is it vandalism?

Richard: "Normally, I might say vandalism, but this shit obviously took some effort. I'm not even sure how the painters gained access to that area. Plus, the seemingly simple phrase 'shout peace," framed in bright blue below the blue of the KU flag, cleverly equates our academic institution with the idea of warfare, as if the perpetrators are declaring their own (peaceful) war on the university itself. I have to vote art."

Chip: "My first thought, of course, is this: Stupid fucking hippies. But on second thought, the Oread did see fit to deny me entrance to The Cave and its martini rooms because my sweatshirt and hoodie did not meet their idea of a 'dress code.' All I wanted was to mingle with the beautiful people. So my final verdict is this: fuck rich people. I vote art as well."


The final season of Lost continues tonight with a Locke-centric episode titled "The Substitute." Let's see what the fanboys are saying at AICN.

JonJonB offers this bit of sarcasm: "A Locke episode?! No way, I was so overjoyed last week when there was absolutely no Locke and all we got was the misadventures of Kate's confused vagina. MORE OF THAT SHIT PLZ WRITERS, FUCK THIS SMOKE MONSTER AND ANSWERING YEARS OF QUESTIONS NONSENSE."

MacFaux, on the other hand, is convinced that the show is still as complex and cleverly constructed as ever: "...in 5.14 'The Variable' when Daniel is conferred DPhil at Oxford... their traditional academicals, their full dress gown is the combined Blue and Red of so common occurrence in the clothing of LOSTies. And now the temple folk. The colors, just like those in Flags have meaning. I don't think it is so easy as being a hat-tip to Star Trek, Boone's red-shirt assertion aside. Or simply Home and Away, Friendly and OppFor. Rather, I feature than in the end, when this show is watched back, the color codes can be identified as pieces being 'claimed' by certain forces...at certain times. And due note specific color reversals coupled to character actions as well as certain ...progressions...Blue and Red. specifically. I conjure will be seen as indicating that a particular character, game piece or pawn in the larger game is acting out of direction of free-will or fate, nurture or nature, decision or destiny in the course of action they are undertaking. And, also an indication that the character's actions in the larger game are in play and of import. Sometimes, both forces and colors are at work.
Which is why now, I feature James resembles Desmond in Island attire soon coming. Same such progression.. The symbolism of him removing the Tan, neutral color, Dharma jumpsuit. awesome.
Think there are are more than those two action codes and forces as well. Sayid in Black... it ain't random. And thus it begins...".

Chip: "Gibberish. Complete gibberish. Why can't you geeks just watch American Idol like the rest of us?"

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Rare comments from Dr. S said...

The family and I greatly look forward to staying at this ediface to excess... Particularly as I meet the dress code and will laughingly enjoy watching Kip, crying, through the windows while I dance and drink the night away!

--Kip's tears sustain me.