Friday, February 19, 2010

Preposterous Local Progressive Editorial of the Week! / Hipsterism at the Olympics?

As expected, local progressives were quite delighted by the recent defacing of the Oread Hotel with the slogan "SHOUT PEACE." Sam Anderson has written an (unironic) editorial to the LJ-World to praise the work of the vandals, which needs to be quoted here at length:

"To anyone with an eye for aesthetic, the painting was beautiful, before its untimely demise at the hands of the hotel. During its brief existence, it implored any who looked upon it to “SHOUT PEACE” in brave, white, simple characters against a backdrop of subtle blue. Its composition both fit solidly into the building’s broad, square architecture, and, more impressively, gracefully mimicked the Kansan sky beyond. The hotel owners, within days, unceremoniously destroyed it. Why? In Tuesday’s Lawrence Journal-World, Oread general manager Nancy Longhurst claimed, on behalf of the hotel, to be “saddened by this kind of vandalism.” Which kind? The kind that inspires peace? The kind with constructive ideals? The kind carefully integrated into the space it occupies?"

Chip: "First, only a Larryville progressive could be naive enough to believe that the power of this slogan might compel the hotel fatcats to leave it up on their new hotel. Second, I doubt Sam Anderson would be quite as impressed if the slogan conflicted with his personal ideologies. When I spraypaint 'MORE WAR' on his fucking Prius, in a very aesthetically pleasing manner, we'll see how long he lets it remain."


Although they are already a week old, the Winter Olympics have yet to be mentioned at the LC until now (Chip: "Because they are so boring."). But a friend's Facebook page today tipped Richard off to an important story at about how hipster culture has "infiltrated" the games this year:

"Though Olympic fashion continues to revolve around flags and garish patriotic color, a strange undercurrent of hip infiltrated this year: jeggings-esque faux denim, a surfeit of plaid, and the world's most ironic mustache."

Read the full story here:

Said mustache belongs to French half-pipe snowboarder Mathieu Crepel and is apparently drawn over his real mustache (photo below).

Richard: "If Larryville had an ice-skating rink, I'm fairly certain that local hipsters would embrace curling, because it (a) seems so silly and (b) looks capable of being performed while drunk off PBR's."


Anonymous said...

Open the fire hydrant in front of Replay, subtly if not surreptitiously supply some stones, and see how many hypsters engage in a spontaneous bout of curling.

Capt. Chanute said...

...or open the open the fire hydrants and watch the end-of-the-night Replayers eat shit and slam their faces into the ice. We'll call that spontaneous, if not hip, ice skating.