Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Boys Examine an Important New Local Hipster Band: Burger Kingdom

At the LC, we do our best to keep you informed of notable local bands (you may recall our extensive coverage of Rooftop Vigilantes and Transmittens). Today let's check in with a new group that seems poised for local success (and possible more, as they are kicking off a national tour tomorrow night at the Replay).

Their band site at provides a fascinating bio:

"Masters of reverb, delay, fuzz, loops, puns, and supreme hipness, Burger Kingdom has been churning out hazey lo-fi shoegaze since summer 2008 when the instrumental guitar comedy duo formerly known as Umbros morphed into the current guitar and drums setup."

Richard: "The transition from comedy to music seems natural, and I wouldn't mind seeing the LC make this move someday, assuming Chip and I can learn drums and guitar."

A little internet sleuthing led us to a site called Too Much Rock (, which is likely going to prove a new favorite for us and offers a review of a recent Burger Kingdom show at the Replay:

"Although Moore announced "This is our last song" before beginning every number in the band's half hour set, he made sure to punctuate the actual conclusion by throwing his guitar into the drumkit. This sent the kit, and Howard with it, tumbling to the stage floor. Perhaps a grander finale than warranted?"

Sounds like just the right amount of "grand" to us, readers, and we look forward to their Replay show tomorrow.

In the meantime, check them out on Myspace:

They are looking for a "HOTTIE FEMALE BASS PLAYER *ethnick girls a step above*).


"we play for the fans, not the critics..." said...

I was actually mildly intrigued by their bio until they boasted of being, "Masters...of supreme hipness". Just another lifestyle band.

I prefer Wendy's said...

Yeah, they lost me there too, but then they had me again at throwing guitar into drumkit.

Parts is parts said...

In other news, did you see that the Huffington Post is imitating one of your most popular features: "Is it Art or Isn't it?" Only they call it, "Is it Porn or is it Art?" and they let you rate pics of naked supermodels:

chip said...

It's art, all right. And the very best kind of art: the kind that gives me a boner!