Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recent Concert Reviews / Mardi Gras in Kansas Photo Blog!

True hipsters don't go to the Bottleneck these days, but apparently there were enough pseudo-hipsters willing to pay the venue's unecessarily high ticket prices to sell out St. Vincent's Monday night gig.

Here's an excerpt from Ian Hrabe's Pitchweekly review:

"Of course, there was that one asshole directly behind me chattering during the quiet parts (see: Clark's gorgeous rendition of Jackson Browne's "These Days"), but that's much better than four or five assholes chattering during the quiet parts, which seems to be the usual at Lawrence shows."

Chip: "Sue me, Hrabe. I was bored, and if I wanted to hear a Jackson Browne song I'd go see Jackson Browne."

Richard: "Every review of a Larryville show in the Pitch contains at least one remark about how Larryville concertgoers pale in comparison to KC concertgoers, who apparently never chat during the show and are always willing to dance. The difference between Larryville and KC hipsters certainly needs to be investigated, so perhaps we'll take a trip to the Riot Room and the Czar Bar soon."


Richard joined local revelers yesterday to experience the sights and sounds (Chip: "And smells, of hippies.") at yesterday's Mardi Gras in Kansas parade, a participatory sidewalk stroll from Aimee's Coffeehouse to Free State Brewery.

We offer two photos taken from inside the madness.

This is Mike West, of Truckstop Honeymoon, leading the parade in a lovely purple tutu:

And this is a lady greeting the throngs below from a Mass. Street loft in a very New Orleans-y kind of moment (aside from the fact that she did not show us her titties, no matter how loudly Chip demanded):

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