Thursday, February 25, 2010

Front Page LJ-World Animal Story of the Day! / The Transmittens Have a New Album! / Style Scout

It's been too long since the LJ-World treated us to a front-page story about a local animal, so today was a rare treat when the boys picked up their paper to find this startling headline: "Elusive, lone turkey moves into neighborhood" (headline from the on-line LJ-World: "Random wild turkey annoying for some, enjoyable for others"). It seems that the bird has settled into the 1800 block of Learnard Avenue. If you want to see this glorious creature, do so quickly, because Chip plans to shoot and eat it by the weekend.


Huge news in the local hipster world today, readers: the Transmittens are back with a new album called We Disappear, which is just as adorable as their first (if not more adorable). Make sure to visit their "bandcamp" page to listen to the album and bask in the lyrics of songs such as "Hot Dog Suit," our current personal favorite which clocks in at a concise 1:10:

"Somebody told me that they know where Peter's at
(Where's he at?)
Somebody told me that they know where Peter's at
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

He's in a hot dog suit dancing in front of you
(I knew it!)
He's in a hot dog suit dancing in front of you
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah"

The album is already earning high praise from Pitchweekly: "Rowland and Weidl have mastered the craft of pairing playfulness with pathos, even when singing about goofy subjects (unicorns, dinosaurs, hot-dog suits, etc.)."

Go here to get twee:

This week's Style Scout has found an excellent subject in 25-year old Jack Wier, whose favorite fashion trend is sideburns and whose fashion influences are "Jimi Hendrix, the film "Easy Rider" and Steve McQueen in "Bullitt." Weir is a fan of "correctly fitted, proportionate clothing" and would like to see "fewer lurkers, less sheep" in Larryville. People say that he looks like Edward Norton and he claims to have 31 tattoos, including one "designed after a rare Alberto Vargas pin-up."

Chip: "This guy looks like the very definition of a lurker."

Ladies (and gents), is he fashionable, or isn't he?


style-challenged scout said...

I've come to the conclusion that Style Scout basically runs around Lawrence, taking pictures of unsuspecting fools, and then writes ridiculous blurbs to go along with the pictures, mocking the subjects in a twisted bit of satire. How else could one explain what would otherwise be the completely delusional remarks made by all of these people?

"Yes, Jack, you do bear a striking resemblance to Hollywood film star, Edward Norton, and your well-proportioned and properly fitting clothing are a fascinating sartorial melange of Hendrix, Fonda, and McQueen, yet entirely Weir. The pen in the bomber jacket pocket is a particularly nice touch, exuding a certain scholarly air while brazenly declaring, 'Let's bomb some shit - I'll plot the coordinates with my pen.'"

To paraphrase Uncle Tupelo: Jack, you've been had. (I hope.)

more like "pathetic" said...

The pathos in those "Hot Dog Suit" lyrics is undeniable.

Capt. Shit-nute said...

Today's blog gives rise to a rhetorical question: Who the fuck are these people? Jack Weird looks like a fucking child a nice jacket. I'd be proud to be a 12 year old that got diddled on the playground by a guy in that jacket. While listening to something like Hot Dog Suit. Oh, the irony of the doubly-connoted lyrics.