Thursday, February 11, 2010

Odd Website of the Week: "Hipsters Have to Pee" / The Boys Check in With the Huffington Post / Another Major Hipster Show Approaches: Beach House!

Since today's "Style Scout" is so outrageously boring (old people and foreigners are dull!), we've had to look elsewhere for entertainment today, and in our research we stumbled across an unusual collection of photos of hipsters who seem to be stifling an urge to urinate (perhaps the point is to humanize these strange and often inexplicable creatures we call "hipsters"). Yes, the site is called "Hipsters Have to Pee," and perhaps the funniest thing about it is that it features a picture of Larryville's favorite fashionista Ms. Katy Seib.l, looking like she has to pee. Here's the address of the site:


A faithful reader recently wrote in to inform us that the esteemed Huffington Post has basically stolen the LC's "Is It Art, Or Isn't It?" and transformed it into "Porn or Art," which features a number of famous supermodels such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell posing naked (photos are taken from the third issue of Love magazine). It's obviously art (sweet, boner-inducing art), and you can see the pictures for yourself here:

Chip: "Wow, those ladies are fabulously naked, aren't they?"

Richard: "I like the one of Kate Moss's ass. Notice how the eye is drawn toward the ass in this photo. Now THAT's photography."

Readers, just when you thought the single most important hipster show of the year would be Surfer Blood's March performance at the Replay along comes the news that Beach House is performing at the Jackpot in April. Oh, it should indeed prove a fine spring for hipsters to revel in two Pitchfork-approved bands, and we believe our own friends and readers from local band The Leotards (Stephanie and King Tosser) should check out Beach House's new album, Teen Dream, which makes fine use of a drum machine.

Here's what Pitchfork says (bestowing a very impressive 9.0 on the new record):

"The choppy verses, nudged along by the sort of cheap drum machine Beach House use expertly to suggest loneliness, explode sideways into a shimmering chorus that finds Legrand busting out a time-heals-all-wounds affirmation over a calliope organ."

King Tosser: "We use our drum machine to suggest funkiness, and we think a calliope organ can go fuck itself."

Richard: "I prefer The Leotards' new tune 'Pretty Girls Who Like to Fuck' over anything on this record, but it's still a pretty good record."

Check Beach House's Myspace page here:

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