Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap: Art and Oscars / Plus, Joe's Bakery Memorabilia!

Well, the Oscars were fucking terrible and the hosts were so lousy that it's almost enough to make us not want to purchase and peruse Hathaway's frequent nudity in Love and Other Drugs (on DVD tomorrow).

But at least Final Fridays was a rousing success this weekend. We were inspired by the BrownBackLash pieces at Quinton's, intrigued by Michael Krueger's little drawings of naked hippies on mountaintops at Wonder Fair, and oddly titillated by Andrew Jilka's large "Better Living" pieces at Invisible Hand Gallery. This is Jilka's "Ecstasy."

Here is the artist's statement:

"Better Living" is a show about the faults, failures, and aspirations that are pre-programmed into the notion of the American Dream. The drawings reflect upon societal signifiers of health, spirituality, sexuality, and desire. These staples of supposed happiness are explored through tedious repetition in drawings from the past 10 months."

Chip: "Tedious is right, but something about the open mouths of the women gives me a boner. I think Friday's opening reception should have incorporated a glory hole into this piece and elevated Final Fridays from a somewhat staid event to something truly worthy of Brownback's ire."

The display runs through March 19th at Invisible Hand. Go and look.


LJ-World's Town Talk offers important news today:

"If you were a fan of the famous doughnuts at the now defunct Joe’s Bakery, have we got a deal for you. Lawrence auctioneer Mark Elston soon will be auctioning the original recipe for Joe’s doughnuts, along with the famous 15-foot Joe’s Bakery neon sign. Elston will auction lots of Joe’s Bakery memorabilia at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at the site of the former bakery, 616 W. Ninth St."

Richard: "I'm more excited about this recipe than I am about Naismith's 13 rules of basketball. This should be secured by the city and displayed somewhere prominently."

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