Friday, February 25, 2011

Final Friday Picks / Podcast of the Week: Hall Monitors' Oscar Picks

We'll be holding court upstairs at the Quinton's ice bar tonight for the Brownbacklash opening (see last Sunday's blog), although we're a little scared that Brownback himself will show up with his rumored "artist death squads" and even the score with those who would portray him as a suckling infant nursing at the teat of the mighty Palin.

We'll also be making our perpetual stop at Wonder Fair (work by Michael Krueger) , before ending up at Love Garden for the Muscle Worship 7" release party (Chip: "Is it also available on cassette?").

While rocking out, make sure to study this piece called Hamms by Barrett Emke.

Richard: "What at first appears to be a simple Hamm's box submerged in snow soon reveals itself as a powerful commentary on the 'frozen,' static nature of hipster culture in Larryville. Profound, yet accessible."


Just in time for the Oscars, Richard (in his Nog persona) can be heard on BARRR's new Hall Monitors podcast, where he was honored to join panelists Mick, Broadzilla, and Styles. Richard is not as funny as Chip (he makes fewer boner jokes), and he's mostly promoting his other, unread blog, Nog on Film, but please download, listen, and support local cultural commentary from a group of boozers nestled in the subterranean lair of Liberty Hall.

Click the link in the sidebar to download or go here:

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Anonymous said...

The podcast reminds me of a modern day MST 3K. My fave is Dr Nog doing his best Tom Servo.