Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Cultural Guide

Did you miss the scenester-iffic debut of The Hips last night at the Tap Room? We did. Luckily, you can read Chewyfally's review at, which assures us that the show was as awesome as expected: "For about a week all folks could talk about in the scene was this new supergroup of a local band that was emerging. Comprised of members from Fourth of July and Drakkar Sauna, The Hips exploded onto the scene Thursday night at the taproom...".

Personally, we're hoping that more local bands take a cue and form "supergroup" side projects. Wouldn't it have been great, for instance, to have witnessed an unholy collaboration between Transmittens and Rooftop Vigilantes, twee one second and dangerously fucking loud the next, sounding like a cowcloud full of sparklemittens being run over by a freight train.

Read Chewyfally's full piece on The Hips here:

So what's on the docket this weekend besides the Love Garden anniversary events (showcased yesterday on the LC). If you're a local progressive, you'll no doubt stop by Souper Bowl Saturday at the Arts Center tomorrow.

Chip: "I went to this once, expecting something football-related. But it's just a bunch of folks eating soup out of 'art.'"

Hippies will want to attend the Waka Winter Classic at the Bottleneck tonight, a 20-city event in which bands compete for slots at the Wakarusa Festival in Arkansas. However, we're expecting to see less hippies out and about for shows now that a new late-night cookie delivery place has opened in Larryville. Why venture out into the cold when you can get baked at home and order warm, delicious cookies? Go here and place your order:

And the aging scenester contingent takes over the Replay tonight for a sighting of the 80's local garage punk band Klusterfux.

And where will the boys be this weekend?

Chip: "I'm totally placing an order for snickerdoodles at Lucky You Bakery right now."

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