Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scenester Pick of the Weekend: Love Garden Turns 21!

Local scenesters gave a collective shrug yesterday when news of the White Stripes break-up hit Twitter (as BARRR succinctly put it: "Dear White Stripes! You said you'd break up before destroying your legacy! TOO LATE! #NEXT #BORING #MYDADWILLBEBUMMED").

True, we all know the Stripes were never as hip as, say, Memphis garage-rock legends Reigning Sound, who will be headlining Love Garden's 21st anniversary party this Saturday at the Jackpot. [You may remember that Sound-singer Greg Cartwright was in town recently during GarageFest with the Oblivians, and that we accidentally called him Greg Oblivian on the blog at the time, which cost us a reader, who called us a bunch of unhip fuckers and claimed he would only read the Rathaus from then on...Sorry, but maybe Chip was more focused on his boner that day than on his fact-checking].

So what can we expect from Reigning Sound on Saturday? Pitchfork offers a respectable 7.6 for their 2009 album Love and Curses:

"...the new songs attack with goblin force but vampire sophistication."

Richard: "I love goblin force, but vampire sophistication is overdone these days."

Continuing the monster movie-inspired comparisons, the reviewer claims that Cartwright "digs it up [rock and roll] under torchlight in the dead of a moonless night, unearthing outer-boroughs girl-group sounds, deep-South R&B rhythms, and universal garage-rock skuzz. It's no coincidence that the only cover on Love and Curses is an obscure single called "Stick Up for Me" by the Glass Sun." Does anyone remember them?"

A chorus of local scenesters: "Of course we remember the Glass Sun, and we will be discussing them loudly on Saturday night."

See you at the show. Opening up will be Suzannes Johannes, Mouthbreathers, and Miles Bonny and Approach ( doesn't list the latter, but we'll trust the Love Garden Facebook event page, on which we are listed as "attending," even though we almost certainly won't).

Cartwright is also DJ-ing at the Tap Room on Friday, which might be even hipper.

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