Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The End of Jefferson's

Chip has been keeping a silent vigil outside Jefferson's since it was seized and closed last week due to tax issues, assuming that it would eventually rise from the ashes and serve him a $5 dollar burger basket (after all, Papa Keno's came back to us after similar tax woes and closing). But word came down yesterday afternoon that Jefferson's was gone for good. The building will be auctioned off but, according to the LJ-World, the dollar bills will remain on the walls: "The property’s landlord has agreed to write a check in the amount of the dollar bills to keep them on the walls." So hopefully the building will be purchased by someone with a fondness for defaced, dirty money.

But other issues are raised by the closing as well, such as...what will become of all the hot waitresses who were employed there? And what will replace Jefferson's?

Chip: "Will we see a sudden influx of hot waitresses in restaurants where the waitresses were previously not so hot? Or will the Jefferson's waitresses be absorbed into the rotation at Quinton's and the Yacht Club?"

Richard: "It seems likely that the modestly-priced bar food of Jefferson's will be replaced by a gourmet burger joint, since there's currently an entire block between the Burger Stand and Dempsey's where one cannot purchase a burger topped with dandelion blossoms. But a frozen-yogurt shop might be a possibility as well."

Chip: "Or a frozen yogurt shop that serves gourmet-burger-flavored yogurt."

At least we can take comfort in the fact that certain downtown businesses will always be there for us, such as Border's. Right? Right? Supposedly we'll find out later today.

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EW said...

Huh. I have to say I'm surprised.