Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Week in Larryville: Jefferson's Gets "Seized" / Checking In With Party Pics

If you spotted Chip sobbing along 7th and Mass yesterday, muttering about the future of Larryville's "second hottest waitresses," it was probably because Jefferson's was "seized" by the state and shut down for failure to pay $46,848 in back taxes. We were going to make some jokes about using the dollar bills on the wall to settle their debts, but apparently this may actually be the case:

"If it gets to that point, the state will take the dollar bills off the wall and apply them to the owner’s debt, department of revenue spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda said" (LJ-World).

Our primary question is this: NOW where are we supposed to get a burger in this town?

The LJ-World talkback section for this story is solid gold. Let's look at a few thoughts:

Consumer1 says: "Too bad, it was an okay place. I suppose now we will get another trendy restaraunt who drizzles chocolate on green lettuce and charge $156.00 for it."

Pace says: "I hope they reopen. I like the shrimp. I always thought the short short bouncy wait people were a misjudgment of id."

Chip: "Shut up, Pace. I like my waitresses short and bouncy."

And our favorite comment award goes to Somedude20, who says: "I guess the Jeffersons are not going to be moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky but rather a jail cell."


We didn't make it to the recent Foxy By Proxy Burlesque show at the Bottleneck (whatever happened to Fetish Nights? those were hipper). But based on the Party Pics, we missed a pleasant evening of...throwing cheese balls (?) into women's mouths.

At first glance, the crowd photos don't suggest much of a hipster demographic, but a closer look reveals that this fellow is wearing a London Calling t-shirt, so perhaps we're wrong. But what's he drinking? It's not a PBR, but perhaps it's something hipper?

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