Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Progressive Pick of the Day: Rachel Maddow at Free State

Rachel Maddow's decision to film her show live from Free State Brewery tonight has local liberals squealing like tweenage girls at a Bieber show (Richard: "Squueeeal!"). But the conservative backlash is even more hilarious. We offer you these choice quotes from the LJ-World talkback:

TomShewmon says: "That's one place in Lawrence I'll never patronize again."

Ochocinco (whose comment has not yet been removed, though many have been excised today) says: "She's a carpet munching idiot with an audience the size of KJHK's. Tiller's been dead for 2 years, no one cares anymore, and countless innocent lives have been spared. There's your show, Maddow."

Chance says: "The queen idiot Liberal coming to Lawrence...
hmmm..Go figure! Its the only conservitive county in the entire state! She does'nt have the guts to go any where else to spread her BS Propaganda..
She knows she would be put in her place...Conservitives make arguments!Liberals make excuses!"

Lawrenceguy40says: "My wife and I stopped going regularly to FSB several years ago because of the customers. It was mobbed with non-English speaking, european liberals, who appeared to want to turn it into a liberal parisian cafe. Mrs LG40 took exception to them on a few occasions and insisted we not return. I've been a few times for lunch since then - good food, good beer, good service, but BAD politics."

Chip: "Those are the same reasons I quit going to Henry's Upstairs and the Pig."

And Chuck Magerl, owner of Free State, defends the (controversial?) decision to host Maddow:

"As the proprietor of Free State, I’m a strong Kansas Independent who may wince at the barbs that are tossed our way by self-congratulatory hipsters from the coasts, but I have abiding faith in our ability to sift through the rhetoric and find ways to show we care about what happens here."

Richard: "Agreed. Coastal hipsters are the worst."

See you at the Brewery (or perhaps outside, since there's surely no way it will be possible to actually get inside and witness this spectacle).

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Capt John Brown Ale said...

As a coastal hipster myself, I resent most of the LJW talkback. But I also find little time to care about what they have to say since I'm too busy drinking High Life, smoking high quality coastal-grown marijuana and scoffing at the social- and cultural- retards that bitch about publicity that brings in short- and long-term capital to Lawrence--Free State or not.

I'm kidding really. Rhetoric aside, as much as I'd love to delve into divisive partisan politics, I know that my liberal views include advocating for the working class, less-educated masses with little representation in higher-level politics--even those that spend their days complaining (anonymously, at that) on the LJW; so I'll just obviate all the back-and-forth by saying that I respect all opinions, though my decision to be left-leaning has only to do with my desire for social justice for each. and. every. one. of. us. And also blatant support of anyone that is declared a "carpet-muncher."