Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spot That Local Progressive / Jefferson's Returns / Washington D.C Hipsters

Readers, Rachel Maddow has come and gone, leaving us with the assurance that "nothing is wrong with Kansas." Did you attend yesterday's event? We'd love to hear your report from the front lines since, sadly, we were denied entrance (Chip did not look progressive enough).

Here's a picture from the LJ-World. We'll buy an Oliver Brown Ale for the person who can identify the most good citizens of Larryville.


Just when you thought your days of gorging yourselves on fried oysters while being (slowly) served beer by the second hottest waitresses in town were over, news arrives that Jefferson's will re-open under new ownership. Chip's tears are now tears of joy.

Here's our favorite comment from the LJ-World talkback:

Kontum1972: "i miss Cara......(most will remember her)...that drop dead gorgeous blond she kept those girls rocking...then she graduated...and the place went into a crash dive..."

Yes, Kontum, we've said all along that the place hasn't been the same since Cara left. But we're pleased at its return nonetheless, as it will prevent at least one space from housing gourmet burgers or "froyo". (Chip: "Or art.").


Occasionally we ponder what life is like for hipsters in other cities? Do they drink PBR, like us? Where do they hang out? An important recent piece in the NY-Times profiles the emerging hipster-district of Columbia Heights in Washington D.C. Here's our favorite sentence from the piece, describing a "tiny bodega turned wine bar": "A sidewalk patio stays open through winter, thanks to fleece blankets and mugs of Scandinavian glogg."

Richard: "Oh, Replay, why can't you provide complimentary blankets for the patio. If you did, I'd be there right now, enjoying the sleet."


Mad about Maddow said...

Rachel must have put on a really good show. I could hardly hear a word she said, but the crowd cheered a lot, so whatever she said, it must have been good.

Nobody was drinking PBR, so it must not have been a particularly hip crowd.

@adastrajaspera said...

dudes making out in the background....