Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obligatory Oscar Post, Plus Current Box-Office Round-up

It's Oscar night, but there doesn't seem to be a public local scenester event that we've spotted. Perhaps the true scenesters gathered last night for the Independent Spirit Awards and spent the evening mumbling about their love of mumblecore (Richard: "It really is a shame that Greta Gerwig didn't get an Oscar nod for Greenberg."). We suggest that you prepare for tonight's festivities and the requisite wagering by listening to BARRR's Hall Monitors Oscar podcast, starring Mick, Broadzilla, Styles, and Richard (link in the sidebar).

We'll be watching at home, immersed in the usual Oscar drinking games (shotgunning a PBR every time a celebrity "goes political") and enjoying the many boners that will no doubt be inspired by host Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Michelle Williams.

But the truth is, with this weekend's opening of Nic Cage's Drive Angry 3D, we're already looking ahead to next year's awards. Here's Ebert's take on Drive Angry:

"Here is an exercise in deliberate vulgarity, gross excess, and the pornography of violence, not to forget garden variety pornography. You get your money's worth."

Chip: "On second thought, screw the Oscars. I'm seeing THIS tonight!"

Sadly, America's desire to see Nic Cage barrel out of Hell and leap out of the screen in a muscle car must not have been as strong as ours: it earned only $5.1 million and the 9th spot in the weekend's Top Ten.

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