Monday, February 21, 2011

KC Scenester Pick of the Week: Smith Westerns / Scholarly Tome of the Week

If you're a true scenester, you better be headed to KC tomorrow to see Pitchfork-darlings Smith Westerns at the Record Bar. Pitchfork gives their new album Dye It Blond (it's a Stones reference! get it?) an 8.4 and says of the song "Weekend":

""Weekend" contains a "central, hair-flipping lick" which "hugs all its parts together perfectly, the song just sounds so drunk-- drunk on love, drunk on heavy petting, drunk on drink, or maybe just drunk on a some combination of the above."

We plan to be drunk on all those things tomorrow, but especially on PBR, or whatever the hipster drink of choice is at the Record Bar.


A friend of ours recently completed a dissertation examining Victorian porn, and we've always thought how nice it must be to write a dissertation that people might actually want to read, or at least masturbate to.

Hopefully the publication of a new tome on the same subject will not hurt our friend's future publication chances. The work, by Deborah Lutz, is called Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism.

Check out this interweb review from

"By delving under the covers of London’s exploration of sexual pleasure—in any form possible—historian Deborah Lutz unhinges the strictly bound corset, unleashing a waterfall of erotic preoccupation."

Chip: "Even the review has given me an incredible boner. I can only imagine what the work itself will accomplish."

We also think that "Victorian Sex Rebels" is a near-perfect name for a band or an album.

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