Thursday, February 17, 2011

The LC's Book Club / We Examine Quixotic Fusion Party Pics

Obviously, the news of the day is the announced closing of Larryville's Borders (which will occur in April), but the story has been so exhaustively analyzed on the LJ-World and Twitter that we don't have much left to say. Westsiders are hoping for an Olive Garden or Red Lobster; townies are hoping for a downtown grocery store; and Chip is hoping Jefferson's is somehow miraculously resurrected in that location.

So we'll use today for a new edition of the LC's Book Club instead. We love books about college towns, and Justin Taylor's The Gospel of Anarchy (rececently reviewed in the NY-Times) seems like a must-read for scenesters and townies alike:

“Every college town is heaven,” Justin Taylor writes in “The Gospel of Anarchy,” his first novel, “each one different but the same.” This book may be set in Gainesville, Fla., but it will resonate with anyone who’s ever worked at a burrito joint in Chapel Hill, played Hacky Sack in Madison or fomented revolution in Eugen

The novel concerns a University of Florida dropout who hangs around town in an anarchist commune called Fishgut:

"The Fishgut milieu is marked by a copious amount of sex, numerous incidents of dumpster diving and petty larceny, the usual quasi-mystical ruminations and eventually the founding of a new religion" (New York Observer).

Richard: "Sounds like a typical Replay after-party. So what can this author offer us that will make this reading experience worth our while?"

Maybe this:

"Taylor has perfect recall of the comparatively innocent world of pre-broadband smut, with its chat rooms full of hopeful JPEG traders." (New York Times).

Chip: "Sold. I love the more innocent days of internet porn before we were all sexting pictures of our penises willy-nilly about the globe."

--- rarely publishes anything that gives us a boner, but this week's Party Pics from the recent Quixotic Fusion performance art/dance show at Liberty Hall are a happy exception. If we were less hip, we would have witnessed this show in person last Friday instead of swilling PBR with the KC Bear Fighters down at the Replay. Take a look:

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