Sunday, February 20, 2011

Righteous Liberal Indignation / Art Event of the Week: BrownBacklash / Photo of the Week

We love it when local progressives get riled up in the editorial section of the LJ-World, such as Jerome M. Yochim's recent letter ("Art is For All"). Let's take a look at a few points from the piece, along with Chip's rebuttals:

"What is art? Art is a means of communication. It provides a way of thinking “outside the box.” It’s a chronicler of life. It’s a pleasure for each of the senses — sight, sound, taste, touch, smell."

Chip: "Art doesn't always smell good. In fact, I've seen a few things that really stunk."

"Art is a discipline that crosses cultural lines, language barriers, age, sex. It’s a uniquely human endeavor. Art can be done and appreciated by all humans."

Chip: "Actually, I've tried and tried to 'do' art, and I just can't do it. Even my art teacher said so."

"Would that all Kansans had the opportunity to partake of this uniquely human endeavor and to reap from it what they may. What say, Governor?"

Chip: "Our esteemed governor didn't forbid you to do art, Yochim. Or at least not yet. He just said that he wasn't going to fund your efforts."

For those of us who are as upset as Yochim, please attend the "Brown Backlash" exhibit at the Q5 Gallery during this week's Final Fridays (the gallery is located, awesomely, in the upstairs area of Quinton's, meaning that Chip will be holding court at the ice bar while not looking at the art).

Click to enlarge:

And here's an exclusive sneak preview of one of the works you'll see on Friday by our Twitter-buddy Leo Hayden! It's tentatively titled "Brownback Sucks." Thanks for sending it to us, Leo!


And speaking of art, our favorite photo of the week comes from (of course) A. Ruscin. This shot from the recent LOLA Valentine's Art show currently appears on the LJ-World website:

Based on the oft-deleted talkback comments, we thought such profanities were forbidden on the site. But art is a happy exception, we guess?

Richard: "I won't be satisfied till every progressive man, woman, and child in Larryville owns one of these shirts. And also a SHOUT PEACE shirt."

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Anonymous said...

That shirt is definitely art. However, it would be even artsier if there were a set of nice tits behind "Lawrence Fucking Kansas"