Friday, February 11, 2011

Protest of the Week: Larryville Artists Fight Brownback With Puppets

Larryville artists have long recognized that the best way to make their feelings known is through the use of giant puppets. Around 200 Kansas artists headed to Topeka yesterday to protest Governor Brownback's elimination of the Kansas Arts commission. Here are two photos from the LJ-World. That's our buddy KT, from the Percolator, with a John Brown puppet, and below is Laura Ramberg with the "Kansas Muse."

It's hard to resist a puppet, so this gives us at least a bit of hope that Brownback will reconsider his actions. However, as one astute talkbacker points out, the government has other things to attend to besides art, such as the establishing of a "Kansas Goat Council."

Our research into this matter led us to an important new blog discovery: "Goats in the Garden (A blog about the day to day life and happenings on an 80 acre goat farm in Kansas called Shiloh Prairie Farm. News and information on goats and farm life also!)."

Visit the goat blog here:

It has 261 followers to the LC's meager 30, which makes us think we should write about goats more often. And we probably will, since goat seems to be the new rabbit at local restaurants such as 715.

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Anonymous said...

O Noggs, don't give up on your faithful LC following. Goat farm blogs are but a fad. And, the backbone of all things hip encompasses many more people than the backbone of goat blogs. Well, excepting the ever faithful sheep shaggers that carry on the tradition with a fervor that even the hippest of the hip cannot fathom. Nonetheless, swallow their subject up, review their blog for tasteful regurgitation and make it hip like everything here at the LC!