Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wonder Fair Gets Weird With Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt and Robocopter

We think it's safe to that this week's weirdest music event will take place on Tuesday at Wonder Fair, when the Pizza Power gang rides again with a night of pizza and tunes from Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, along with local favorite Robocopter. Pizza at 6; music at 7.

We were sold on Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt as soon as we learned they have an album titled I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU AND I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! HAVE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

But perhaps you fickle scenesters need more than that? Well, how about the fact that they record on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label and have played "a string of much-hyped shows around Manhattan and Brooklyn" (NY-Times), most of which seem to involve more stuffed animals than a Flaming Lips concert.

Band member Tim Quackenbush says in the Times: "We just feed off the energy of the crowd. You never know who’s going to put on a costume and sing along, who’s going to start freestyling.”

Chip: "I'm certainly planning to freestyle tomorrow. What rhymes with 'boner,' besides 'loner' and 'stoner?'"

Go over to the FB event page and tell them you're coming.

And listen to some Terror Pigeon here

And like Robocopter on FB here

And look at this picture of a Terror Pigeon show (from Indie Rock Reviews) right here:

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