Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Scenester Pick: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks at Granada / Local Missed Connection of the Week

If you're a certain kind of Pavement-worshipping scenester (and we trust that you are), you certainly don't need us to remind you that Stephen Malkmus is in town tonight. Let's check in with Pitchfork to see if his newest album, last year's Mirror Traffic, is suitably hip.

It is: 7.7.

Pitchfork writes , "Whether he likes it or not, Malkmus is the indie-rock version of a Dylan or Simon or U2, artists who will forever be blurbed as making "their best album since ____." Competing with his younger self is definitely not a priority for Malkmus, who went through Pavement's reunion tour like he was punching a clock. Any resemblance to earlier days is likely unintentional, but for the aging hipsters of the world, even an accidental flashback is a good contact high."

Richard: "This is totally his best album since Pig Lib."

Chip: "Malkmus is no Bono."

But what if you prefer your Sunday evening music with a little less irony and a lot more use of "planetary gongs?" Then head to the Eastside for a "sound bath!" Delaware Commons is hosting "Neptune's Homecoming" at 7:30:

"Paul Rudy and Heidi Svoboda present Neptune's Homecoming, a sound bath of Earth and Sky. Heidi plays the planetary gongs. The gongs are gorgeous in visual, sound and energy moving capabilities. Paul uses drums, toys, voice, percussion and lots of ethnic rattles, etc. They also play with the sounds of nature that Paul has composed to go with the 8 elements of the I-Ching: Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth, Lake, Heaven, Water and Mountain." (


It's been awhile since we spotted a good local Missed Connection on Craigslist, but this m4w post appeals to our romantic sides:

"We were both in the dumpster looking for a discarded treasure and found each other. You are tall and pretty but I was distracted by the tall and pretty part and I forgot to get your number. Did you find any good music while diving? I hope so - cause I was thinking it would be nice to drink a beer or two and dance to some slow tunes with just you."

We're guessing that more than a few Larryville relationships have begun in dumpsters, and we wish this couple the best.

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