Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Scenester Picks: Nerds, Banjos, and Literary Canon Fodder

We love Nerd Nite and we love writing about Nerd Nite, but we don't love that it's become sort of difficult to get a seat at Nerd Nite. So we might or might not be allowed to witness tonight's sure-to-be-stimulating discussions of movies, Mardi Gras, and cabaret. Our favorite presentation title of the evening is this one:

"A Century of Film or: We’ve Spent One Hundred Years Collectively
Sitting in Front of Screens Getting Stupider (And Smarter, and
Stranger, and Inspired)"

Chip: "I hope there are a series of clips of Adam Sandler getting hit in the balls by various objects."

If you don't score a seat at Nerd Nite, drown your sorrows at the Replay, which is probably the best bet to hear some banjo-plucking as Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps take the stage (they are joined by The ACB's and Magentlemen). Daytrotter writes of Caroline Smith: "She sings on "Gracie," about what seems to be an omniscient, speaking dog." Sold!

And does the Larryville alternative-theater scene seem more active than usual of late? We think so. This weekend the Lawrence Arts Center plays host to Card Table Theater's Literary Cannon Fodder, which appears to be a comedic survey of the full Western canon (sort of a "Reduced Shakespeare Company" approach, perhaps?). We're hoping there are a lot of good dick jokes when they tackle Moby Dick. See the Youtube trailer here and watch a man lick a picture of a deer. And check out the shows this Friday and Saturday at 8:00

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