Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day Scenester Pick: Local Fools Doing Foolish Things at the Jackpot / Chip and Richard Get Interviewed By Mills Record Company in KC

We like events that (a) start before 11:00 pm and (b) celebrate and skewer LFK culture, so we're happy to give a shout-out to tonight's April Fool's Comedy Showdown at the Jackpot.  It's hosted by one Mr. Andy Morton and features two groups of LFK pranksters who will compete in three rounds of sketches for a $200 donation to either Theatre Lawrence or Lawrence Humane Society (oh, we hope it goes to the adorable little fluffy puppies. Theatre Lawrence will probably just use it to perform Sister Act or something).

Round 1 Theme -- 50 Shades of Baby J.
Round 2 Theme -- Billy Quantrill Takes the T
Round 3 Theme – Lawrence Urban Legends: The Mass. Street Edition 

We assume this is your best chance tonight to see a Baby Jay mascot being (erotically) spanked. 

[Also, If you want to see the Royals mascot getting a lapdance, go to the Pitch . Is "mascot porn" a thing?  Because we're totally into it!].

Visit the FB event page here .  Only 23 people are confirmed, and normally we'd say that's a pretty generous estimate for a Monday at 7:00 pm at the Jackpot, but it looks like someone (presumably the sponsors at LPL and Lawrence Magazine)  have done some fine work advertising this thing with near full-page spreads in the LJ-World, etc, so maybe people will show up after all.


Normally, we prefer to be the ones asking silly questions to cultural movers-and-shakers.  But we couldn't turn down being the interviewees for a hard-hitting Q&A with our new friends over at KC's soon-to-open-in-Westport record shop Mills Record Company.  Visit their blog here to learn the shocking truth about Chip's backstory as well as which Indiana Jones film our blog most resembles. While you're there, stick around and prowl their site for other interesting links to KC culture.  And give them a follow on Twitter here and  a "like" on FB here.

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