Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Film, Art, and Honky-Tonk

So what's up in LFK this weekend besides the Black on Black EP release show at Replay on Friday and the Farmer's Ball at Bottleneck on Saturday?

Let's find out.

Frank's North Star serves up an odd hybrid of music and comedy and drunken law-school celebration in the old cock-fight arena tonight.  We asked local jokester Peter Lyrene to give us the rundown:

Peter:   "Tonight's event at Frank's promises a variety of entertainments, featuring stand-up comedians, psychedelic rock group Future Garage, soulful punk crooner Beach Team, and the alt-country stylings of Bradley McKellip.  Extra details: still uncertain whether Beach Team (Zach Shoffner, sibling of Chicago transplant and former LFK/ICT darling Hawley Shoffner) will be playing solo or as a 3 piece band. Future Garage are all from Wichita and sound like dinosaurs. Bradley McKellip is a cook at Loopys/Miltons. Chance Dibben, Leigh Nelson, and myself are the only comics as of 'press time.'"

We're not sure what Peter means by "sound like dinosaurs."  Do they just make a bunch of dinosaur sounds? (please say yes).  Or are they old as fuck?  And is there any chance Hawley Shoffner herself will make an appearance? (we find her adorable).  Neither the dinosaurs, the comedians, or the future lawyers was ambitious enough to make a flyer, but you can find a FB event page with more details here .

In the absence of a flyer, let's just print this classic Style Scout photo of Hawley's "gussied-up grandma" look from 2010 (refresh your memory here via  Why can't somebody bring this style back to LFK?

Photo detail


The Free State Film Festival takes over the Lawrence Arts Center this weekend with three days of events:
"FSFF 2013 will include feature films, short films, panel discussions, staged readings, live music performances, an experimental film and music video showcase and a revival of the multimedia stage production."  (visit the official website here for full info and schedule of events).

Tickets to individual films cost $6 and a weekend pass is $30.  There's free stuff too, so check the site.

Our pick might be the doc A Band Called Death, which screens Saturday at 6:30.  Details on the film here ("Formed in 1971 by three African-American brothers in Detroit, Michigan, Death is now widely acknowledged as being one of the first punk bands.").   This will be followed by a performance from the locally-beloved young African-American brothers of Radkey ($10, though it seems like there should be a cheaper, combined price to see both the doc and the band).  Will they be performing an evening of Death covers?  Because that would be awesome!

Photos:  Death, then Radkey, then Free State Film Fest logo.




Tomorrow's Final Friday and the buzz is all about the ELFK Warehouse Arts District this week since the upscale Cider Gallery will opens its doors to the public tomorrow for the first time.  Somehow we doubt the scenesters will purchase the gallery's "pièce de résistance":  Hunt Slonem's Peace Plan, which has a price tag of $24,000 (photo via Artnet). Read the LJ-World story on the Cider Gallery here.

Hunt Slonem, Peace Plan

Nearby at Invisible Hand, you can check out Troy Moth's Wildness:

"...a set of 10 photographs that portrays a mystical confrontation between nature’s purity and the insidious global oil industry. Shot in complete darkness save for camera flash, with muted colors and an ever-present murk...".  (full info here via FB event page).

We love "ever-present murk" in our photography!  

Troy is also a former Rolling Stone and Vogue photographer, and on Saturday afternoon at the gallery he's offering portrait sessions for $125.  Details here .  This is almost certainly the closest Chip will ever get to being in Vogue, so he's been saving his cash for awhile now.


And on Sunday evening our book club buddy Steve's honky-tonk outfit Cryin' Out Loud plays the Replay matinee.  With any luck, it won't even be sleeting or snowing that night.  Here's the flyer, though we don't for a second believe that it starts at 5:00 pm!  FB event page here.

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