Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Weekend Picks for Godless Scenesters: 1,000,000 Light Years at SeedCo, Life of Brian at Liberty Hall, Arts and Crafts at Replay Lounge

The folks at SeedCo for this evening's 1,000,000 Light Years performance will almost certainly have no idea that KU is concurrently playing in the Sweet Sixteen.   Why?  Because they will be on acid.

Reread our recent piece on the new 1,000,000 Light Years EP over here and visit the FB event page for the SeedCo show here.

The closest that most scenesters are likely to come to a church on Easter is Film Church at Liberty Hall, which serves up a screening of Monty Python's Life of Brian on "immaculate 35 mm film" (get it??).

Chip:  "Well, somebody at Liberty Hall is going to hell for this idea.  Also, I hope they serve a nice Easter ham for brunch."

And what better way to spend Easter afternoon than on the Replay patio for an arts and craft show called
Boutiques des Folles?   These crafts are made by "your favorite Replay patrons," so we assume most of them will be constructed from PBR cans.  Plus, live music from LFK troubadours Lance Fahey, Lonnie Fisher, and Michael Buck.  

The FB event page is here .

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