Monday, April 8, 2013

Nerd Nite 16 Preview: You Must Flash The Secret Signal To Read This Preview! (Chip: "The secret signal is your boobs.")

Between this month's Nerd Nite and whatever the fuck the Wonder Fair gang is doing with their "Black Diamond" project, LFK is starting to feel like one big secret society.

Let's take a quick look at the three presentations on tap for the "Cults, Clubs, and Secret Signals" installment of Nerd Nite this Wednesday.

None other than our good friend and former guest-columnist Courtneybelle will be speaking on "numbers stations."  We predict a nice balance of hilarity in the presentation (because Courtneybelle is ever-funny) and creepiness in the subject matter.

Audrey Coleman will speak on Bob Dole's war on cults in the 1970's.  She's the Senior Archivist at LFK's Dole Institute, so we're hoping for the true inside scoop (Was Dole secretly in a cult himself.  Almost certainly, yes).

And Chad ‘PoFo’ O’Bryhim (who may have the greatest name of any presenter so far) will enlighten us on “The Not-So-Secret Society of the Hash House Harriers."  The society is defined in the press material as "the underground society that mixes athleticism and sociability with hedonism and hard work."   The following sentence, also from the press material, has us simultaneously baffled and aroused:

"Come have a drink and learn why they prefer their trails shitty, their dresses red and their bush shiggy."

Chip:  "I also enjoy a shiggy bush on occasion, if you catch my meaning."

Read the full info on the presentations and presenters here and visit the FB event page over here to find out that a whopping 128 of your freakiest friends will supposedly be there.  Hopefully there's a secret handshake required at the door to ensure we can get a seat at this thing.


And now, since today is Twin Peaks Day (it premiered on Apr. 8, 1990) let's end with a little trip into the secret society of the Black Lodge.

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