Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Picks: A Rare Weekday Hoedown at Replay and Horror Remix's Death Rock Part II at Bottleneck

Readers, it looks like summer may be short-lived in LFK this year.  The first snow of May is slated to arrive on Thursday and Friday.  So you damn well better soak up the sun while you can.

For some reason, there's an early-evening hoedown on the Replay patio this evening (6:00-9:00) with Cowgirl's Train Set and Funner Brothers, so that seems like the ideal spot for beers in the sun.

Cowgirl's Train Set has some new tunes posted on Reverb Nation over here.  They enjoy hanging out in the woods.  Hopefully they've been out searching for morels and will bring some to the gig!

Follow it up with a trip to the Bottleneck for Horror Remix's Death Rock Part II.  Hopefully you saw Part I, or else this shit won't make any sense at all! Tonight's bill includes films called Black Roses and Scream Dream and a bunch of shorts. We love this description of Scream Dream from the Horror Remix site:

"SCREAM DREAM (1989) is a shot-on-video mess that looks absolutely terrible."

We haven't researched Black Roses but the poster alone is surely enough to demand your attention:

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