Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Recap: Style on the Hill Fashion Show at Replay; Earth Day and 4/20 in South Park; Farmer's Ball at Bottleneck

The Style on the Hill blog has become quite popular in LFK lately among the campus set.  Check it out here.  If the Best of Lawrence competition had bothered to include a "Best Blog" category this year, they might have even given us a run for the money!

We stopped by the first annual Style on the Hill fashion show at the Replay on Friday evening with high hopes for an evening of boner-worthy entertainment, but apparently no one told the models that they were supposed to walk slow and be looked at.  They sped through the patio in a frenzy and the whole thing was done in five minutes, much like a Chip lovemaking session.

At least the evening was salvaged by an appearance from local hero and everyone's favorite muscular optometrist Dr. Kevin Lenahan, one of the evening's sponsors.   Here's a dance off held to determine who would win a pair of Lenahan's Ray Bans.

If you're like us, you celebrated the combination of Earth Day and 4/20 on Saturday by getting totally baked and heading down to South Park for the Earth Day festival.   In retrospect, the "Boat Responsibly Beaver" had a lot of important things to say about boating safety, and we apologize to him for our constant giggling during his lectures.

Chip:  "I hear there were a lot of other furry beavers at the festival, if you catch my meaning. And probably armpits too.  Silly hippies."

Saturday night we attended the first round of the Farmer's Ball at the Bottleneck and witnessed the first five of the evening's eight bands, including a rousing full-band performance from Y(our) Fri(end), a spacey 4/20-friendly set by Spirit is the Spirit, a Pink Royal ruckus with a wildly gesticulating frontman, a rocking and occasionally trip-hopping Forrester performance, and Brain Food's boisterous and bouncy tunes (special shout-out to the keyboardist in the Royals shirt and the energetic frontwoman who's got a bit of a sexy-librarian look going on).

As we predicted here a few days ago, the well-known entities Y(our) Fri(end) and Spirit is the Spirit easily (and deservedly) advanced to next weekend's finals despite the fact that most of their voters weren't actually in attendance to see their early-evening sets. As always, voting for Farmer's Ball remains a preposterous process that often excludes the well-informed scenester electorate who leave early, like us.

The other winners:  our "dark horse" pick Brain Food, along with Forrester.

All in all, Farmer's Ball remains a great, inexpensive way to sample the diversity of the burgeoning scene.  But we can't resist one more critique.  We spent a few minutes with a friend lamenting the lack of any kind of MC to step up during the set breaks to keep the crowd hyped and most importantly to offer basic information such as who's on next, what genre they belong to, why we should stick around, how does the voting work, etc (apparently there's a jury element next weekend?).   It's an easy fix that would greatly advance the professionalism of the whole affair.

Below is a KJHK pic of Forrester we've snagged (hope they don't mind).  Forrester is green as a forest!! Visit the KJHK Instagram page here for a few more pics.

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