Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekend Picks: Radkey, Ritter, and Record Store Day (and Fourth of July and The Devil)

If the scenester circuit ever gets bored with Radkey, it's going to seem extra cruel.  They're just kids, for goodness sake!  Luckily, the band still seems to be surging in popularity, with a new 7" on Replay Records and a record release show at (where else) the Replay tonight along with Stiff Middle Fingers and Ponyboy (did you read our recent piece on Ponyboy's Dick, Dick, Dick? If not, go here.).

Visit the FB event page for tonight's show here.

Fourth of July continues pimping their new record over in KC this weekend with a fine triple-bill on Friday that features Ghosty and The Devil (you can also catch Fourth of July at Vinyl Renaissance in KC on Saturday for an afternoon Record Store Day show).

Chip will never forget our first sighting of The Devil at the Replay a few New Year's Eve's ago (Chip: "One of the top eight erotic moments of my life").

And Saturday is Record Store Day.  Make sure to check out Love Garden's FB event page  here so you fully understand the rules and don't look like a fucking rube.

Richard:  "I can't wait to push someone down in order to get my copy of The Last Waltz on vinyl, not to mention Big Star's Nothing Can Hurt Me."

Chip:  "I wish there was a Record Store Day release of a special edition of Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racist" that's even MORE racist."

Record Store Day isn't just a feast for the ears. There's eye candy, too. The April 20 rollout of limited-edition releases at independent record stores nationwide includes a splashy variety of color and picture discs, available nowhere else in no other format.

And Josh Ritter returns to Liberty Hall on Sunday.  He's not hip, but he can write better songs than you.  Plus, he's forever okay in our book for penning the "Lawrence, Kansas" song.  Read a piece on Ritter at here which also contains a great picture of Josh and a dog:

 Photo detail

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