Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Essential Spring Listening for LFK: Fourth of July's Empty Moon

It's a spring treat for LFK!  A new Fourth of July record hits shelves today and it's surely perfect for your lazy PBR-swilling afternoons. Or maybe not.  Our friends at I Heart Local Music write:  "Empty Moon is a heartbreaker and a half, loaded with devastating material. Alcohol abuse, remorse, broken promises, and an appreciation for a beauty that you may or may not get back (or ever find) are scattered over the eight tracks." [read the full review here].

Hmm...well, it's a good thing that PBR goes just as well with alcohol abuse, remorse, and broken promises as it does with lovely spring afternoons.

Order  Empty Moon from High Dive Records here or just take a stroll down to Love Garden, you bums.  We'll be getting our copy soon.

The band hits the Jackpot (oh, why couldn't it be the Replay?) on Friday for a record release along with KC's ever-charming ACB's, who also have a terrific new record.  Visit the FB event page here .

And of course no mention of Fourth of July from us is complete without a link to our classic 4/20 interview in which Justin Roelof's wang features prominently.  Revisit it here.

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