Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Photo Blog: Buskers, Art, Planet Comicon / Sunday Scenester Pick: Purity Ring and Blue Hawaii at Granada

It's surely spring in LFK when the buskers begin to hit the streets.

Chip: "I'm certain that most of the buskers do not have a proper license to be swinging fire around and such, and I will be speaking to the new City Fathers on this matter soon."

Relax, Chip.  You have to admit that the following trick is pretty funny.  It should be called "The Flaming Boner."

Over at 1109 Gallery, the first annual mARTch Madness art tourney finally crowned a champion:  none other than Mr. Leo Hayden and his painting of Cowgirl's Trainset.  Chip immediately cried foul, saying there's no way that a fair contest could reject a woman with a cat head in its early rounds:

We're merely tourists when it comes to the kind of nerdery that exists at comic conventions, or "cons" (as the nerds would say).  Sure, we wore our matching (and very itchy) Chewbacca suits all day yesterday at Planet Comicon in KC, but that's not exactly elaborate "cosplay," is it?  Even so, we had a blast listening to George Takei talk about Mr. Sulu ("Oh my!") and Wil Wheaton talk about Stand By Me (he quickly and movingly dismissed a fan suggestion that the characters should be revisited as grown men) and--most of all--watching the freaks.

Here's a Terminator, who could easily kill those children if he wanted.

This is probably not Mick from Liberty Hall, although we've seen a similar horsehead mask floating around down there before.

This is Slender Man and he scares us.  (We first thought it was the Invisible Man but Twitter quickly corrected our ignorance).

And this is a DeLorean (yes, we posed in it).


Purity Ring is at the Granada tonight.  Are they still as hip as when they were at the Jackpot last summer?  We don't know.   But we're more interested in the cute Canadian couple Blue Hawaii who are opening the show.  Let's skip Pitchfork today and go straight to this bizarre review from Drowned in Sound:

"...this firmly inward-looking record transports you head-first to Blue Hawaii’s special place, a serene vista where alien syllabic whimsy feels genuinely spiritual, and fuck-giving is most strictly forbidden."


Count us in.

Pics:  Granada flyer and Blue Hawaii Untogether album cover:


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