Monday, April 29, 2013

Chatting With Baiowolf About Scott Baio and This Week's Baiowolf Reunion: "Love will be lost but not forgotten."

The local scene has been considerably less silly since LFK's Baiowolf took a two year leave of absence, but they've chosen the perfect time to pop back up.  You can witness their reunion this Thursday at the Har Mar Superstar show at the Granada (doors at 7:00).

We caught up with Baiowolf recently for a quick survey of their illustrious career, the likelihood of being arrested for their hijinks at Thursday's show, and the continuing cultural impact of one Mr. Scott Baio.

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Richard: What makes this particular moment in culture and history the perfect time for a Baiowolf reunion?

Baiowolf: It's statistically shown that everyone loves you when you're dead. We then did some quick mental math and put together that compliments divided by time equals 2 years (give or take a few months.) We will see if everyone's ring-kissing in the last two years will pay off.

Chip: The combination of Baiowolf opening for Har Mar Superstar is pretty damn appealing, since you're both known for wacky hijinks. Without major spoilers, can you give our readers a sense of what to expect from your set? What are the chances of someone being arrested for public obscenity charges? Will there be onstage nudity?

Baiowolf:   Shirts will roll. Eyes will come off. Love will be lost but not forgotten. BaioWolf will have some new tunes and new emoticons. The chance of arrest is high, but only if the show ends up moving outdoors... which isn't uncommon.

Richard: Baiowolf has a long and storied history in LFK. If you had to choose one shining moment that best represents the legend of the band, what would it be?

Baiowolf:  We opened for Girl Talk once. Rob threw a can of PBR at an audience member from stage, then a group of gentlemen from a local fraternity cornered one of our former members after the show and made him admit to them that BaioWolf was the worst band ever. Sean couldn't be found.

Chip: What's your favorite Scott Baio project? Mine is the film Zapped. Oh my God if I had telekinetic powers I would lift up so many skirts!

Baiowolf:  Zapped is good but it lobs zero law bombs.

In actuality these clips will really help piece together our thought process in creating BaioWolf:


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