Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pick of the Day For Francophile Scenesters: Sonic Angels at Replay / Plus, the Unexpected Return of the Boys' Country Corner (Florida Georgia Line Hits the Granada Tonight)

The nerds of LFK will be learning about cults and secret societies at Pachamama's tonight, but where will the late-night scenesters be?  At the Replay we assume, since the Sonic Angels are bringing their garage rock all the way from France!

Here's a description (find the full review and some songs via Reverb Nation)

"...this power trio has gained mastery over the lush effect of wah wah echo and swamp pit reverberation. From their hideout in Monpellier, these alchemists of sonic transubstantiation have been rolling back the parameters of accepted Tone Science since 2001."

We only understand about half of that excerpt, but we fucking love swamp pit reverb!

Also, do the French enjoy PBR, or will the Replay offer a nice wine special for tonight?

Opening up is Hillsdale's Mr and the Mrs (reread our fun interview with them here) and KC's The Cave Girls, a band we'd love to see if we were hip enough to stay out late on a Wednesday (we are not).  Their FB description alone gives Chip a boner:

 "If you want some fun, come out & get undone. The Cave Girls would love to give you some!"

Give them a "like" on FB here .



But what if you are neither a nerd nor a scenester and you enjoy mainstream country music?  (Chip: "I'm listening."). Normally you're out of luck in LFK, but tonight Florida Georgia Line is at the Granada, riding high on their big hit "Cruise." It's going to be full of drunk folks and cowboy hats and beautiful women who actually want to get laid.  

Let's take a close look at some of the lyrics:

"Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise."

Richard:  "Behind the standard country music tropes we can see a rather complex look at the creative process as our singer (poet)  immediately sees beyond the surface of his object of affection to the work of art into which he will soon transform her.  While the song's chorus ostensibly celebrates the ever-present, it's notable that the verses themselves lapse into the past tense, suggesting a more transient relationship: 'Her and I man we felt so right.'  The awkward grammar adds to the disorientation here, leaving us with a potent image of a man so intent on his creative powers (turning woman into song) that he may actually be losing his mind.  Is his shout of "Hell I can't get you out of my head!" an ultimate declaration of love or madness?"

Chip:  "This is a good song.  I like the line where he sees her titties 'poppin' right out of the south Georgia water.'  But I think we can all agree that country music has reached its absolute zenith this week with the release of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's 'The Accidental Racist.'" 

Watch the "Cruise" video here:


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