Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Secret Pick of the Day: Wonder Fair's Black Diamond Concludes / Our Picks for Saturday's Farmer's Ball

Those of you who've been playing along with Wonder Fair's Black Diamond secret society/scavenger hunt will know that it concludes tonight, somewhere in LFK, apparently from 9:00-11:30.  The FB event page is here and contains appropriately scant details.

Chip: "I fear that it will culminate, as many cults do, with mass death.  You've been warned.  If they ask you to put on your running shoes and fill your pockets with quarters, chances are you ain't goin' to the Replay."


The annual Farmer's Ball kicks off this Saturday at the Bottleneck.  That's 4/20, so smoke up beforehand (as if you wouldn't).   The finals arrive the following Saturday.

This year's bands are:

- Pink Royal
- Haunt Ananta
- Forrester
- Brain Food
- Bellafonte
- Real Sugar
- Y(our) Fri(end)
- Spirit is the Spirit

Our best guess is that Y(our) Fri(end) or Spirit of the Spirit will be taking home the sweet, sweet PBR money this year.  Our logic:  both acts are already reasonably well-known in scenester circles and have a good support system.  Also, both acts are rock solid.   Watch Y(our) Fri(end) performing at the recent MOTM Fest via I Heart Local Music here .

But who is our dark horse pick?  Well, keep in mind that this is based on very little research, since we're lazy.  But let's say Brain Food.  We can dig their "bombastic beats."  Give them a "like" on FB over here.   

Aren't they a brainy looking bunch?  Attractive too.  These kids will go far.  Probably.

Visit the Farmer's Ball FB event page over here.  And study this cool pinball flyer.

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