Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3D Pick of the Week: Ponyboy's Dick, Dick, Dick

Our vulgarian friends in The Leotards are working hard to be LFK's biggest provocateurs (we hear they have a terrific new song called "Fuck My Tits" and that they ripped up a picture of new Pope Frank at their recent Replay gig in a tribute to Sinead O'Connor's classic SNL bit).  But we think Ponyboy may still have them beat.

Ponyboy's new 5-song EP is called Dick, Dick, Dick, and it comes with a pair of 3D glasses to full experience the cover which pays tribute to the Stones' classic Sticky Fingers album by almost revealing Charles McVey's dick.   The album hits Itunes next Tuesday and the band hits Frank's North Star for a CD release party on Saturday, Apr. 6 with openers Pale Hearts and the Foxy by Proxy ladies.  Visit the FB event page here and Ponyboy's FB page here.

Thanks to Charles we were able to check out the tunes in advance and we found them much more accessible than the terrifying concept album Pussy Killer which they had released prior to our 2012 interview with them (read the interview here).  The EP's titular opening track, "Dick Dick Dick," kicks off with propulsive drumming and builds to a practically anthemic chorus of "It's my dick, dick, dick!"

Chip:  "To me, the song transcends any kind of gay/straight labels.  It just becomes a celebration of dicks."

But it's not all boner-shouting here, as the EP also makes room for a harrowing first person account of a life-long outcast called "Retard" ("No matter what you say I know I'm different") before culminating in "End of the Line," which the press release describes as "a lament about gay men’s inability to naturally procreate."

And what does McVey do when he's not yelling about dicks?  Well, lately he's been yelling about Brownback in a new Dead Kennedy's cover band called Brownbackistan.  Visit our friends at I Heart Local Music here for a fun report on their recent hijinks at a Jackpot show.

Album cover
Inside album photography
Flyer for Frank's 

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Chris said...

"It just becomes a celebration of dicks" - well played, sir.