Sunday, August 21, 2011

We Explore the Dark Fringes of the Busker Festival (With Photos) / Plus, Poor Sportsmanship on the KVKL Kickball Battlefield

Sure, Larryville's Busker Fest is a family-friendly event that true scenesters avoid at all costs, but is there a darker side to the festival if one looks long and hard enough. Perhaps.

We'd be surprised if the City Fathers actually granted an official busking license to the freaky barefoot glasswalker at the corner of 9th and Mass, who seemed a little reckless (and perhaps stoned) as we lingered awhile on Saturday night.

Here's a young lady stepping onto his back to press him into the glass.

And here's a (much larger) young lady crushing his neck right into the glass. His act could well have ended right then in a geyser of blood from a slit throat, but he got up, pulled a shard or two out of his face, and proceeded to jump and twirl and prance on the glass. Easily the best performance of the festival!

The crowd-favorite Voler, Thieves of Flight, performed their annual high-flying antics outside the Arts Center (a crowd of folks even lined the roof of the parking garage). But click to enlarge this pic and take special note of the dude in the window behind the performer, whose hand seems to be in his pocket. Is that Chip, having climbed up for a closer view and a tug on his boner? We're not telling.

And we saw a lovely fire-dance from a male/female duo outside the Replay that was a bit like a figure-skating routine, but with fire. In this photo, it looks like they may have actually set the Replay on fire, which may end up being the only way to get rid of the fucking smell that has permeated the place.

Chip: "This fire-dance routine was quite beautiful, but I have to admit there was a part of me (and rather a large part of me) that hoped one of them would catch on fire a little."

And what happens at 11:00 once the "official" Busker Fest events of the evening are over? We kept hearing rumors of secret alley-performances where those who were so inclined might be able to watch a busker or two fuck a donkey. But we never stumbled across that alley.


We didn't attend week one of the KVKL tournament, but here's what we learned via Geoff at the official here

"Last week, there were several games that got completely out of control, and some of the behavior was downright despicable. I tried to find out as much as I could this week, but it was nearly impossible to find the root of all the problems. At this point, I really don’t care whose fault any of it was, it just needs to stop, and I mean RIGHT NOW."

And Phil Mitchell apologizes for his own behavior:

"Sadly, on our league’s biggest stage, fueled by a raucous crowd, a few PBRs, and Cougar’s antics, I let my emotions get the best of me. I consider my shouting at Cougar to be extremely poor sportsmanship and an embarrassment to the league, my team, and myself."

So listen up, scenesters, and play nice. Remember: just because it's a children's game doesn't mean you have to act like children!

As for us, we'll be at the completely unhip reggae matinee at the Replay, hoping that the sweet scent of marijuana will alleviate the vomit stench a little. The opener is a reggae DJ called "Housewife's Choice."

Chip: "Hopefully it really is a housewife who will have some good odor-removing tips."

Our feminist readers: "Shut up, Chip. She's there to play music."


Duck said...

You guys should consider giving the now infamous Great Replay Barf Massacre of 2011 its own post. GODDAMN. According to employees, it's a sewer issue, and it's "not as bad this year, even though it's been so hot." Um ... perhaps a poll? Because I ain't buyin' that sack o' shit ... I mean, puke.

But seriously. It's so bad I'm having hallucinations of it lingering long past the afterparty. Maybe I just spend too much time there.

Remember the good ol' days when you could pick up the lcom deadwood edition and find content that was intriguing? C'mon Woodward Nog and Chip Bernstein!

the nose knows! said...

Yeah, we don't buy it either. We hit patio shows there every summer on some of the hottest days and have never smelled a smell such as this one! It's time to slap a gas mask on Chip and send him out to get the smelly truth!

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