Thursday, August 25, 2011

Final Fridays Get Edgy at the Pig and Love Garden / Chip Gets Feather Hair Extensions / Scenester Pick of the Day

First off, go see Wonder Fair's fourth and final OurTube at the Spencer this evening (and catch up beforehand via the link in our sidebar). Rumor has it there's a twist ending in Part 4: Piechocki was a ghost all along!

Now on to business.

For those (like Richard) who have been wishing for Final Fridays to get a little weirder and edgier, this may just be our month. At the Pig, @BARRR will present his "Heaven Party" art: "Boisterous angels and demons carouse about, indulging in drugs, sex and general debauchery", says a piece on (yes, that's right, occasionally still covers art and music).

Here's a piece called "The Devil's Milk." And we're hoping that BARRR has thought to incorporate a performance art aspect to his exhibit and capitalize on an old controversy from the Pig by hiring a woman to breastfeed a baby in the corner (perhaps a baby dressed as a little devil).

And an opening at Love Garden offers up work by Tim Pennington, whose painting called “That’s nothing! Just wait until he plucks his drum-sticks out of his butt-hole!" was recently pulled off the walls by the prudes over at Blackbird Espresso Bar & Bistro in Top City, Kansas. Here's the piece:

Chip: "For fuck's sake, isn't there an opening where a man can just look at some nice watercolors of animals or maybe some papercuts of Moby Dick?"

Yes, Chip. The Eldridge has an opening called "Animals and Art" to benefit the Lawrence Humane Society and the Arts Center has three papercuts by Qiao Xiaoguang called "The Cutting Edge of Moby Dick":

"Qiao expresses the capaciousness, the mystery, the regenerative possibilities of both the whale and the novel." (local Moby Dick expert and all-around local treasure Beth Schultz).

Richard: "I'm going to try to reread Moby Dick prior to tomorrow so I can hold court more obnoxiously about these papercuts."

And what else is going on for Final Fridays? We all know about this month's prestige event (Baron Wolman's Rolling Stone cover/photography exhibit at the Arts Center, which promises to be bad-ass), but don't forget to make it to the far end of Mass Street as well to see Leo Hayden's rock star portrait of The Dead Girl's Eric Melin at Q5 Gallery (upstairs at Quinton's). It's the third in his installment of what we like to call his "scenester portaits (he also painted ChewyFally and Phil Canty).

We also received a tip from our Twitter friends at Envy (911 Mass) about an opening featuring the work of Richard Hood (illustrator and former KU grad). Since it doesn't seem to be getting press elsewhere, we'll give it press here. And this will give us a good excuse to stop at Envy and get those hipster feather hair-extensions we've been wanting so badly! The NY-Times piece on the subject (dealing with how the trend affects fly fishermen who need the feathers for lures) remains one of our favorite scenester articles of the year.


It's a night of pure pop bliss at the Tap Room this evening with Ghosty and The ACBs, and I Heart Local Music has the scoop for you with cool videos and links. Check out their story here

But you should also know that Texas's Tontons are on the bill. We don't know who they are, but their tour poster has a puppy dog with balloons on it!

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