Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Naked Performance Art on Wall Street and Naked Theater in Larryville (EMU's Splitting Hares) / Ice Age at Jackpot (Let the Hype Begin)

We're huge fans of public nudity for the sake of art, so we were excited to read an NY-Times piece yesterday about Zefrey Throwell's "Ocularpation: Wall Street," a performance art piece which sent some naked folks onto Wall Street early Monday morning:

"Drawing on the common fear of appearing in public naked, [Throwell] hoped to create “an absurdist Freudian nightmare” of nude employment: “Wall Street, exposed,” as he put it" (NY-Times).

Richard: "This seems like a hard-hitting commentary on how the failing economy 'strips us bare,' in this case quite literally. I'll bet people were truly moved."

Let's find out:

"Though Mr. Throwell hoped that the public would connect the nude Wall Street workers with the economy, most did not make that leap. Faced with a woman stripping off her bra and panties as she talked into a headset about ordering a case of Champagne for her boss, or with a man, all his bits dangling, leading an invisible aerobics class on the sidewalk, passers-by simply whipped out their camera phones."

Chip: "Well, even if I did understand that I was witnessing art, I would still have snapped a picture of a naked woman with a headset on."

New York coppers apparently didn't get it either, as they hauled several participants off to jail.

Here's a photo and read the full piece here .

And in Larryville, naked people are set to take the stage the next two weekends (Aug. 5, 6, 12, and 13) as part of EMU's latest set of 10-minute plays, Splitting Hares, at the Lawrence Arts Center. A reliable source tells us one of the plays is likely to be all-nude. Indeed, the promotional material includes this warning: ***Please note, due to nudity and strong language, no one under the age of 18 will be admitted.***

Chip: "I like to think this will consist of beautiful stage actresses baring it all in a stirring (by which I mean boner-inducing) display of emotion but I suspect it will just be some of the same dudes who get drunk and streak at kickball games. Is BARRR in these plays?"

Go to their Facebook event page and let them know you plan on cumming.


Have you bought into the hype for Ice Age? We haven't, but we might show up and hang out on the Jackpot patio anyway just to Chronicle the scene tonight. Buy us beers. But don't buy beers for the kids in Ice Age. They are underage. And this is an all-ages show as well, so it should be a weird mix of youthful punk exuberance and old scenesters whining about how fucking hot it's going to be in this show.

If you're less hip, head down to the Bottleneck and hear Hear Kitty Kitty. We don't know anything about them but at least they have women in the band (women with names like Niki Meow and Felicity Feline) and they took a special photo for their Kansas tour:

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