Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Weekly Picks and Pans Column Including Dick Move of the Week, Whisker Wars, Kanrocksas, Cults, and More!

Readers, it's the hottest day in recorded history and we're finding it hard to form in-depth thoughts about anything, so we offer up instead this list of shit we like and dislike this week in Larryville and beyond.

Dick move of the week: Governor Brownback abruptly cancelled his meeting with Representative Paul Davis to discuss the Lawrence SRS closure. But he's finding plenty of time to appear on Extreme Home Makeover and trek down to Texas for prayer meetings. Here's a picture made by our friend Rob using a photo from Brownback's Makeover session (and you can see more of Rob's Brownback work here , at least until Brownback orders it removed).

Runner-up for dick move of the week: Bob Schumm's proposed plan to fund fewer police officers in Larryville, which he's expected to voice at tonight's City Fathers meeting.

Chip: "I'm already scared to go downtown without my rape whistle."

Blogosphere-buzzy show of the week: Cults at Riot Room in KC tonight.

Runner-up: Ice Age at Jackpot tomorrow.

Dear Lawrence photo of the week: This submission, by our Twitter-buddy @knsstxs, shows the Replay circa 2003 atop the Replay of today. Scenesters were so much hipper back then!

Good Twitter sport of the week: Film director Rod Lurie is taking the time to respond personally and kindly to all of us film geeks who are lambasting his remake of Straw Dogs, sight unseen. Rod, you convinced us to give it a fair shake! We'll be there on Sept. 23 (since it's apparently not opening in KC till a week after every other city?).

Reality show of the week: Whisker Wars on IFC! We haven't been this excited about a reality competition since The Cougar (and the few Bachelor episodes which featured one of our former Quinton's waitresses.

"This summer, the fascinating and hair raising world of competitive facial hair growing is coming to IFC. Whisker Wars, a seven episode reality series produced and narrated by award-winning producer Thom Beers... premieres Friday, August 5 at 11:00pm ET/PT." (www.ifc.com).

Yes, we'll be hosting a watch party, but you can't come in without some impressive whiskers!

Full info here . Let the beard battles begin!

"Happening of the week":
Kanrocksas (but, yes, we are still pissed that they wouldn't bestow a press pass on our hipster publication!). Promoter Chris Fitz offers this "square" statement: "...this is going to be bigger than an event. This is not a concert. It's a monstrous occasion, with all the ingredients of a full-blown happening" (Pitchweekly).

In this fucking heat, we just hope this particular Speedway festival resembles the peaceful Atlanta International Pop Festival of 1969 and NOT that other huge 1969 Speedway Festival, if you catch our meaning.

Chip: "I don't, but I assume that it's a clever music joke of some sort."

Creepy album cover of the week: Collections of Colonies of Bees' Giving.


dbkundalini said...

Looks like some kind of animal with a funky human head and animal ears.

lamb-dude? said...

It's pretty terrifying.