Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SRS Update and Midweek Scenester Picks Including Suzannah Johannes, Glockenspiels, and Psychedelia

Since we've kept close tabs on the Larryville SRS controversy, we'd be remiss not to mention the "tentative plan" currently in the works to keep the office open...so long as the city and county are willing to pony up $112,500 apiece to do so.

Let's see if the talkbackers are pleased.

pinecreek says: "Playing right into Brownback's hands...what a stupid plan. What will he farm out to local communities next? Maintenance of state highways? Paying for your local Highway Patrol coverage? Dumb, dumb, dumb."

antichristobserver says: "One of the most stupid things the city and county have ever done, and they are not known for smart decisions."

But it's lunacydetector who wins our smartass talkbacker of the week award for this rant:

"this will save the t bus from being riderless, it assures the county allows a homeless shelter to be constructed on county land, the panhandlers can continue business as usual downtown, it keeps low income housing full, the donation meters won't be for nothing, and all the cottage welfare non-profit companies will stay in business, and it assures lawrence won't have a sudden drop in 10K poor residents that would've normally moved closer to another s.r.s. office, and lawrence's developer that carries the biggest stick in town will continue receiving a rent payment...everybody has their place in the family....or, community...a win, i guess."


You won't find tonight's hippest event listed on L.com or the LJ-World, so one must turn to us or I Heart Local Music to know that Larryville's loveliest voice, Suzannah Johannes, will be crooning some tunes at Love Garden tonight at 8:00 (along with solo sets from the Drakkar dudes and maybe some other folks). See you there.

And don't forget that our friends in Hidden Pictures have a Tap Room gig on Wednesday (that glockenspiel is going to sound sweet in the basement). They're playing with Fingers in the Sun, who will bring you swirling and shimmering psychedelia from Denver. Check out their Bandcamp page and groove on some tunes like "Goodbye, Summer" and "Static Summer." See you at the show. Bring us 'shrooms.

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